I periodically update these posts to keep you up-to-date with the terms and conditions of the respective goods. I provide detailed product knowledge that is focused on the analysis of the product and/or my personal experience of using that product.Nonetheless, purchasing the products which I support based on my analysis is not mandatory. When you buy any of the products/services found on my review or opinions, then I will be liable for a commission or free use of that product/service. All appraisals posted are legal and unpaid. The money we earn through affiliates is used to keep this blog and to pay the writers.

Affiliate Disclosure

On CrushingAd, One of my monetizing method is affiliate marketing, so its transparent I may earn commissions, bounty form companies whom I promote on my site.

For example, if I review a product or service, I may insert its referral/affiliate link, so any sale or lead is made via channel; I will be eligible for a commission without including any additional cost to the user.

However, it is not mandatory to buy the products that I endorse based on my contemplation. All the reviews posted are ethical and unpaid. The income I receive via affiliates is used to maintain this blog, hosting, marketing, and paying the authors.

CrushingAd has always striven to provide precise information about any products with the income that can be generated with that product but make sure that these are just the estimates of what we think you can earn.

Your income depends upon your caliber and dedication, deviating from one another while using any of the products you accept the risk involved that might drive you into a loss or generate less profit of what you expected.

There is no guarantee about the level of income that you can reach and depends entirely on your desire to achieve it. Affiliate marketing has the highest fluctuation and has no constant income. As most of the sources are dependent on other company policies like Google, media buying, paid ads, Advertisers, and many more.

No Guarantee Policy

If you are facing any problems with any of the products or services or not satisfied with the quality of the product then CrushingAd and its owners won’t be responsible for your loss. Take your decision wisely. Hence it is recommended to choose carefully and stop bragging. CrushingAd and its owners are not liable for any damage or loss made on any products you purchased by checking its review or deal at crushingad.com.

I try my best to only list products and review it based on honest user opinions and numerous of factors. Hence if you are purchasing anything, make sure you check it if its offering refund policy and if you are not satisfied, Get your refund.

You are welcome to share your suggestions either good or bad with any company listed on CrushingAd in comments section of each,

I wish you success in your online earning journey.

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