Click Wealth System Review: 30% Scam & 70% Pyramid Scheme

Thank you for taking the time to read my Click Wealth System review. Matthew Tang’s Click Wealth System is marketed as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn $10,000 a month online.

The name alone tries to sell you on the idea that getting money online is easy as ABC, but is it legit?

Whenever I hear someone describing their product as a “full step-by-step income-generating machine,” I immediately suspect it’s a scam.

Don’t you find it questionable?

Mathew Tang states in the sales video that this is for anybody who hates rush-hour traffic.

Is sick of working their asses off for someone else.

And are ready to take control of their finances, pay off their debts, and select what type of lifestyle they want.

To me, this seems like emotional manipulation.

But drawing to any conclusions at the very start can be unfair.

All I’m saying is that Click Wealth System appears to be another get-rich-quick scheme at first sight.

Earning money is hard, and it hurts when it gets wasted.

I could easily say a few good words and head you over to the sales page and get my commission for selling the click wealth system.

But my upbringing doesn’t allow that. The money is going to bite my ass if I earn by fooling someone.

Being an online entrepreneur, I’m pretty sure it takes more than a few mouse clicks to start banking earnings.

In this review, you’ll get:

  1. What is Click Wealth System?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Why I don’t think it is an option worth considering for generating money online.

I have no personal grudge against the product, all that I am concerned about is one should get the actual value of the money it pays.

Let’s have a look at a quick review overview for the Click Wealth System.

Click Wealth System Review Overview

1.5Expert Score

Read this review in full and you’ll see this is a short, low-quality course about how to promote Click Wealth system and most definitely a scam.

Product Name: Click Wealth System


Creator: Matthew Tang

Overall Rank: 1.5/5

Product Price: $9 with 3 Upsells

Where to Buy: ClickBank Marketplace

Money-Back Guarantee: 60-days

Do I Recommended the Product?: NO

Is Click Wealth System Scam or Legit: It may not be a scam(per se), but it is definitely a pyramid scheme.

Who Should Try This?: Newbie in affiliate marketing.

Click Wealth System is a ClickBank product that claims to show you how to get your first income online while working for 10 to 15 minutes a day and in only a few clicks.

Matthew Tang will show you how anyone can make up to $500 per day with Customer Middleman Arbitrage.

Now that you all be undoubtedly wondering what Customer Middleman Arbitrage is.

Customer Middleman Arbitrage is nothing but a made-up name for Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing undoubtedly is a quick method for newcomers to get started generating money online.

You don’t need any uncommon talents or expertise to start generating money online with affiliate marketing.

All you need is the appropriate system, the right tools, and the correct direction.

However, I’m confident that you won’t receive it with Click Wealth System.

So, is it a scam or a genuine opportunity?

For better judgment, try to pay close attention to what I have to say in upcoming paragraphs!

✅ Click Wealth System PROS

The only good thing about this system is that you will receive some material in exchange for your money.

Inside Click Wealth System, you get short training videos, a few do-it-yourself sales pages, and, of course, a slew of upsells at additional fees.

The program teaches you how to connect those sales pages with your ClickBank affiliate links and divert that bought traffic to your pages, which should help you make money online if you’re lucky.

Being said, if you’re ready to invest $9 in Matthew’s pages plus at least $500 in traffic, there’s a tiny chance that this technique will work because it follows viable and legal procedures.

Furthermore, Matthew’s approach comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re interested, you may test it risk-free.

And if you decide it’s not worth it (like I did), you can always get your money back.

🛑 Click Wealth System Cons

The bad news is that this is just another low-quality training package provided on ClickBank that is meant for the owner’s advantage and will teach you nothing worthwhile.

Click Wealth System, in my opinion, is not worth the time, money, or effort.

As for every consumer, the rule is to get value for the amount you pay.

In the case of Click Wealth System, you receive virtually nothing for $9.

In other words, you get nine small video lectures that you can find easily on YouTube with better quality, some generic landing pages hosted on a subdomain, and the possibility to waste hundreds of dollars on questionable traffic strategies.

Furthermore, Click Wealth System, like any other internet scam these days, has hidden upsells that include crucial portions of the system, which means you’ll have to pay extra to obtain access to the entire package.

And this, in my opinion, is a huge red sign!

A deceptive and overhyped sales presentation is another warning sign.

You do not receive the so-called free gift as promised at the starting of the sales video.

Testimonies cannot be confirmed, and income claims are absolutely unrealistic.

👎👍 Is it a Scam or Legit Program?

To summarise, Click Wealth System is not a scam (per se).

However, I do not promote or recommend such low-quality products or programs to my readers.

This product is only ideal for Matthew Tang and affiliates who promote products bluntly in order to profit from naive newcomers.

Like many other products on ClickBank, it also has the intent to make money off of you through a captivating sales funnel and hidden upsells.

Another example of the same product is Perpetual Income 365.

In my experience, the possibilities of you making money if you follow the instructions in this program are limited, especially if you’re a rookie with no money to invest in upsells and pricey traffic strategies.

Having stated that, Click Wealth System has a poor grade in my eyes.

It is not a high-quality product that teaches you how to create your own internet business through affiliate marketing.

But if you’re serious about Click Wealth System, you can still try it for $9, which is a steal.

If you don’t like it or believe you got cheated, you can request a refund via ClickBank.

Continue reading my Click Wealth System review for more in-depth analysis and review of this product.

What is Click Wealth System?

Click Wealth System is a training program for making money online using a process known as Customer Middleman Arbitrage, which is an inventive name for affiliate marketing.

The strategy further is broken down into easy-to-follow stages that anybody may apply to generate money online.

According to Matthew, his system works in just three simple steps:

1: Select a “verified customer source” from their list of traffic sources provided inside.

2: Create a website or squeeze page using their cloud-based website builder.

3: Be the middleman by sending the traffic from your website to the affiliate website.

During his sales pitch, you may feel he’s making up words, that because he is!

In a nutshell, the primary concept is to select a client source.

Create a website using an in-house Click Wealth System site builder. It is easy to use and takes only 5 minutes to do so.

Finally, to earn money with this program, you must send people from the source to your website and then to affiliate networks like Amazon, ClickBank, or eBay.

Customer arbitrage (Affiliate Marketing) is a 100% legitimate (and recommended) method to make money online.

I’ve had a lot of success with affiliate marketing (and still am to this day).

I created several niche affiliate sites in the past and then sold them on Flippa as starter sites once they started getting traction from Google.

In my experience, creating an affiliate site is ideal for newcomers because it is simple to learn and earn, and you can get started without investing a lot of money.

But first, let’s find out who this Matthew Tang is.

Who is Matthew Tang?

Matthew Tang, better known as “Daily Profit Maker,” is the creator of the Click Wealth System training program.

You will be hearing an intriguing tale about Matthew during the sales pitch.

According to the sales pitch claims, Matthew used to be in your shoes not very long ago.

He was attempting to figure out how to generate money online to supplement his income.

Luckily he did find a way, and despite the amount, Matthew thinks his first earnings on the internet were an inspiration.

He was motivated and got aware that affiliate marketing was effective, so he chose to pursue it.

Following the same method, he soon became an internet millionaire. Matthew Tang now teaches others to use his Click Wealth System and “assists” others following in his footsteps.

Apart from the success story in the sales video, I couldn’t locate anything on the internet regarding Matthew Tang, the “Daily Profit Maker.”

In my experience, this is another indication that Click Wealth System is a hoax.

When anything suspicious is going on, the owner always assumes a fictitious name.

But after doing thorough research, I was able to locate a YouTube channel under Matthew’s name.

The channel to date has only 30 videos, 158 subscribers, and a couple of views.

Also, the theme for videos is totally in contrast to affiliate marketing.

In his channel, there is no mention of his Click Wealth System program or customer middleman arbitrage.

He talks about stocks and cryptocurrency and hasn’t uploaded any new videos for a long time.

This strong my doubts that this may be some other guy named Matthew Tang.

Our chase for Matthew Tang drove us to the wrong person.

How Does The Click Wealth System Work?

Let us now understand the three processes that I mentioned above in my Click Wealth System review.

Matthew’s system focuses on directing the buyer to the correct website.

Affiliate marketing is the process he is referring to. It all boils down to marketing other people’s items through websites and marketing funnels.

Here’s how Customer Middleman Arbitrage, often known as affiliate marketing, works:

  1. Select a “verified customer source” from their list of traffic sources provided inside.
  2. Create a website or squeeze page using their cloud-based website builder.
  3. Be the middleman by sending the traffic from your website to the affiliate website.

Step #1: Select a “verified customer source” from their list of traffic sources provided inside

With the click wealth system, there is a chance for you to learn how to market things from Amazon, ClickBank, and eBay using the Click Wealthy System.

All of these sites, you see, have an affiliate program and are eager to give you commissions for each new customer you refer to their platform.

That means affiliate marketing is no trick to getting money out of your pockets.

What about the Click Wealth System, on the other hand?

The fact is that it is a do-it-yourself client acquisition system that links to your website and a third-party autoresponder (they recommend GetResponse).

Step #2: Create a website or squeeze page using their cloud-based website builder

You can create your website in a matter of minutes by using a cloud-based program.

In my opinion, this is the most “useful” aspect of the Click Wealth System.

Essentially, you will have access to a site builder that will allow you to establish cloud-based websites that let you link buyers with product owners.

Step #3: Be the middleman by sending the traffic from your website to the affiliate website

In order to attract visitors, you need to begin promoting your site with Solo Ads.

It is how the Customer Middleman Arbitrage process begins.

When someone visits your website, your job is to “lead them the way” to Amazon or other affiliate programs.

You earn a commission every time you make a sale on these websites.

Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is a legit strategy.

This course, on the other hand, is not that much.

Here’s a video explaining the working of the Click Wealth System.

Inside Click Wealth System

When you log in to the members’ area, you’ll see something like this:

click-wealth system welcome page

Did you notice the bright red Upgrade buttons on the left-hand menu?

A Get Started Right section on the right-hand side includes links to linked YouTube videos.

The training is off to a great start. Anyone who is fresh new to this would undoubtedly benefit from it.

It was great to have Matthew Tang teach the lectures himself, and I thought he provided a good summary of the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

But instead of explaining how one can promote other affiliate products, Matthew Tang was only focused on teaching you how to promote Click Wealth System!

Are you serious?

That’s why I labeled this product as a pyramid scheme in the title.

Matthew changed a potentially reputable affiliate marketing training to a blatant pyramid scheme.

For those who don’t know what is a Pyramid scheme.

It is a type of investment in which each paying participant recruits further participants, with profits paid to early participants using money contributed by subsequent participants.

This form of plan is considered illegal in the UK and many other parts of the world.

At this point, it feels like you only paid the fees to get authorized to resell Matthew Tang’s Click Wealth System.

Click Wealth System Training

You will discover nine training modules and access to a few DFY sites inside the dashboard.

Because these videos are short, I wouldn’t classify these as in-depth instruction.

It’s just a quick walkthrough of how to set up your ClickBank account, GetResponse, and so on.

After that, you can learn how to use other capabilities of CWS to generate money (hopefully).

Profit Pages, Traffic & Upsells!

Here’s a rundown of the remaining features inside:

Profit Pages — a few do-it-yourself landing pages that are almost useless.

Six Profit Pages — an upsell with additional DFY landing pages.

ClickTracker — it is an online software to track clicks.

Free 100 Clicks — you receive some free clicks. 100 is insufficient to generate revenue.

Profit Activator — This is another upsell. It claims to help you get more clicks and more income.

Click Profit Multiplier — additional upsell (GRRR)

Basic Broadcast — DFY swipes are here

Since the DFY pages are predesigned and ready to be linked to an autoresponder, they still offer some value.

Here have a look how you can setup profit pages through Click Wealth System site builder.


On the other hand, many other free tools are available that can construct these pages.

I also find some use in the Click Wealth System’s traffic part, where you get links and brief training on how to buy solo ads to drive traffic to your money sites.

There are also do-it-yourself email swipes so that you don’t have to write emails from scratch.

Every Click Wealth System user has access to the same material and traffic. Isn’t that a problem?

According to my experience, this will lead to content saturation and duplication.

To put it another way, everyone will send the same email to the same money pages simultaneously.

The biggest issue, though, is UPSELLS!

Matthew Tang appears to be only interested in selling them to you so that he can make more profit out of you.

Click Wealth System Bonuses

Finally, you will receive a few bonuses that, in my view, are of no actual worth.

As you can see from this part, and as you’ll discover in this portion of my Click Wealth System review, it appears to be another generic product aimed to profit from you through upsells.

Inside, I wasn’t able to locate anything useful.

There’s no relevant training, support, community, or tools, just a few DFY landing pages with some upsells and affiliate links.

Click Wealth System Pricing

Now, here’s something you won’t hear on the Click Wealth System sales page.

Working your way through these classes and doing all you learn to do will cost you a few hundred dollars at the very least.

Why? Because you’re supposed to start growing an email list by signing up for a $15/month GetResponse membership first.

Then you’re told that you’ll have to pay to increase visitors to your website and promote Click Wealth System with solo ads, which is rather costly.

Solo ads are a traffic source with a list of email subscribers.

With Solo Ads, you send an email explaining your affiliate product to these subscribers. 

In hopes, they would click through your link and then buy the product.

The problem with such traffic sources is that email subscribers to these lists receive dozens of emails every day.

These emails look spammy, filled with various get-rich-quick schemes and products.

So your chances for a user to notice your email are pretty slim. And even if they actually read it, they are less likely to purchase something recommended by a stranger.

That’s because of the following reasons.

First, you are not aware of users’ likes and dislikes as you have no user demographics.

Second, they don’t know you, why should they trust you.

Despite all these issues, the only recommended traffic source is this?

That doesn’t sound logical to me.

Also, Matthew Tang clearly specifies you to buy Solo Ads from only.

That’s because he is affiliated with that website and earns 20% of whatever Click Wealth System members spend on that site.

After you buy the product, you will have access to a sales funnel.

You will be offered three one-time offers or upsells that will ostensibly boost your chances of success with the Click Wealth System.

But, in my opinion, this is just another way for Matthew to make more money off of you.

The following are the upsells.

Upsell #1 – $147 Click Wealth System Profit Activator

This upgrade grants you access to 5 more plugins.

These plugins will help you to modify your website to increase conversion rates and create more leads.

Upsell #2 – $148 Click Profit Multiplier

Click Profit Multiplier is a cloud-based email marketing program that lets you create email swipes with the press of a button.

Upsell #3 – $148 for 5x Profit Sites

The last upsell enables you to create five more DFY websites using cloud software.

You can refuse the offer at the bottom of each upsell page if you don’t want to buy these.

Matthew will then give you a unique discount every time you say no to an upsell.

That to me seems like a frantic attempt to get you to spend more of your hard-earned money.

I mean, the Click Wealth System sales funnel is absurd!

He further claims that if you close this page and deny the upsell, you will have no access to this offer in the future.

This tactic can make you nervous, and that your brain urges you to make a purchase.

But here’s the twist!

Even if you deny those upsells, despite Matthew’s claim that you would never receive another chance, you will get another one as soon as you move forward to the Click Wealth System member’s area.

What’s the deal with that? Why would someone tell such a lie?

That is because this product is immoral and that the owner is simply interested in making as much money as possible off you.

Furthermore, this product reminds me of a pyramid scam in which you are charged more and more money with each step you take while receiving little value in return.

When I first viewed the training within the Click Wealth System, I was skeptical that this method could help me or anybody else make money with affiliate marketing.

My initial thoughts were, “This is definitely a scam.”

Problems with Click Wealth System

1. Outlandish Income Claims

Outlandish Income Claims with no backing

Imagine you’re out and about when a random stranger approaches you and offers to reveal a top-secret technique to make $10,000 a month online in exchange for $9.

How are you going to react to it? And that’s what Matthew Tang is doing in this situation.

Yes, the sales video shows a ClickBank earning screenshots followed by an email from a claimed member generating money with the Click Wealth System, but is this 100% confirmed proof? Hardly!

These are very simple to make.

The fact is that we have no way of knowing if this is true or not, but based on everything else we have observed, I highly doubt it.

These so-called simple shortcuts to success seldom live up to expectations.

You can only accomplish success through plain old-fashioned HARD WORK.

Is it possible to earn $10,000 a month with affiliate marketing? Absolutely! But do not let anyone tell you otherwise: it takes TIME to get there.

2. Fake Scare Tactics

click wealth system fake urgency

Throughout the sales video, you get encouraged to act quickly. 

Matthew claims this once-in-a-lifetime chance and restricts it to only 100 slots.

It is nothing more than a gimmick to get you to panic purchase before using your head.

Don not get taken in by it. Trust me when I say that Matthew Tang will not turn anyone away.

Everyone understands that this program will continue to exist as long as users are willing to pay to enroll up (or at least until they get shut down).

3. You are Bombarded with Far Too Many Upsells

As soon as you pay $9, you get bombarded with upsells.

Inside the members’ area, you have four upsells that claim to help you earn more out of the system.

And then again within the training videos themselves.

It’s never-ending!

Is Click Wealth System Scam or Legit?

Yes, Click Wealth System is unquestionably a scam.

It falls well short of expectations, and the basic training given focuses on how to sell Click Wealth System to others.

That’s similar to a pyramid scam, where the only way to get money is to dupe enough others into joining the program you joined.

Click Wealth System is a scam AND a pyramid scheme all bundled into one.

Click Wealth System Review – My Verdict

Since after I completed my Click Wealth System training, I felt like being cheated by Matthew Tang.

I did not receive the complimentary present that he had promised.

There was nothing ground-breaking within the platform, either. However, I discovered a slew of misinformation and hidden upsells.

All of this prompted me to request a refund from ClickBank right away.

As I previously stated, this product is a scam, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT since it is not a good strategy for earning money online.

What Are Your Next Steps?

In my Click Wealth System review, I’ve made my point, and the proof is clear.

Click Wealth System will not provide you with a legitimate and genuine technique to build a successful internet business.

They’re good at making promises but terrible at fulfilling them, and this isn’t a program I can support.

But don’t give up since getting money online isn’t a pipe dream.

Yes, you CAN create a passive income stream on the internet; it will simply take more than a few mouse clicks to get there.

Just like you, many people want to make money online but don’t know where to begin.

They see get-rich-quick gurus promising rapid results and join up for some low-quality course, only to find themselves paying for numerous upsells and upgrades with nothing to show for it.

It does not have to be your fate!

Wealthy Affiliate has educated millions of ambitious entrepreneurs on becoming their own boss through affiliate marketing.

They will provide you with complete step-by-step instructions as well as experienced assistance to help you accomplish your online income objectives.

It is how I learned affiliate marketing and would recommend you to do so.

Click now to learn more about Wealthy Affiliates here.

With more than 3 years of experience on the web, Prateek can help you earn well from your blog and build a successful online business.

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